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Cadw offers free self led education visits at Cadw staffed sites where charges are normally applied, to a wide range of learners. 

To book your visit, please follow these simple steps:

  1. read and ensure you can comply with our terms and conditions, these advise on all qualifying groups and entry restrictions; our planning your education visit pages also have really useful and important information to help you plan your trip
  2. telephone the site to book your visit at least 5 working days in advance (3 for single home educating families).  Less than this, while we will do our best to process  your booking, we cannot guarantee a free visit.  All bookings are subject to availability and the discretion of the site
  3. once you have agreed your visit with the site, complete our online form:

Self-led education booking form

Educational visits to Cadw sites are free, however, we welcome donations, with the money reinvested in conservation work, allowing future generations to enjoy our historic environment.

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The majority of Cadw sites are unstaffed and open to visit. Unstaffed sites can still make great places to explore, as long as you understand the limitations and prepare appropriately.

You will need to undertake your own risk assessment and we encourage you visit the site suitable for your group visit:

  • do make sure you understand access, washroom, catering and mobile phone signal limitations of the site you wish to visit, and be aware that these sites are open to the elements and misuse by others — we can’t always control who visits or what they leave behind. Your first aider may want to research health provision in the area
  • do draw from our resources for your self guided tour. Consider bringing in qualified local or subject expertise — maybe an accredited tour guide — e.g. WOTGA green/blue badge guide, or similar, if budgets allows. You would need to check they have the right clearances to work with your students
  • you will need to staff your visit to the same or higher ratios to those we require for our staffed sites (see terms and conditions) and have first aiders to hand (with local doctor and hospital numbers) 
  • and if you use social media, don’t forget to tag us on Twitter @cadwwales or search Cadw on Facebook.