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Previous events held on site

  • Historical re-enactments
  • Live performances of plays and music
  • Filming for motion pictures/television series
  • Wildlife talks and tours

Car Parking Information

Grass and gravelled car park for up to 50 cars and roadside parking opposite the court for 15 vehicles. There are no dedicated disabled or coach parking spaces. A small bicycle stand I also in the car park

Site Access

Arched double gates in gatehouse give access to the courtyard with cobbled stone pathway, 2.2m wide with a height of 1.9m then arching to a centre height of 2.9m. Double gates (3.35m wide, no height restriction) into the South Garden give limited access to the site, the grass area thus accessed needs to be protected from vehicular damage. There is also a single gate to the South Garden (1.35m wide arching to 2.2m high halfway between the above two gates) and a single gate (1.37m wide, no height restriction) between the North range of the Court and the toilets

Access for restricted mobility

The site is mainly accessible although the cobbled stone entrance may be unsuitable for some wheelchair and buggy users. A side entrance can be made available for access if required. There is currently no wheelchair access to the castle however the shop/grounds/West Range ground floor are accessible to all with ramps where necessary. The upper levels in the West Range are accessed via a single direction stair from the solar with 23cm treads and a handrail on either side (min w = 0.97m) and a switch back stair from the kitchen with 18cm treads and a single central handrail (min w = 0.76m).


  • Male / female toilets are available including facilities for those in wheelchairs
  • Picnic tables
  • Benches are available
  • Portable induction loops
  • Mobile reception is generally good around the site


Premises licence held. PRS and PPL licences held

Interior Spaces

The Great Hall (West Range) - 8.4m(l) x 7.1m (w) x 6.0m (h).  East door is 1.35m (w) x side 2.3m (h) centre 2.53m. North door – 0.99m (w) x side 1.65m (h) and 2.09m centre. South door x 2 – 1.22m (w) x side 2.05m (h) centre 2.25m. Maximum capacity of 50. Upper Hall (West Range) – 15.62m (l) x 7.2m (w) x 2.67m (h). One entrance which is 1.1m (w) x 2.31m (h). Maximum capacity of 50. Guest Apartments (North Range) – 22.27m (l) x 6.1m (w) x 2.52m (h). Three entrances – all similar dimensions – 0.76m/1.1m (h) x sides 1.67m (h) x centre 1.83/1.87m. All doorways have 18cm sills. Maximum capacity of 50. Lower Hall (North Range) – 14.6m (l) x 6.0m (w) x 2.36m (h). South door x 2 double door – 0.95m (w) x sides 1.42m (h) x centre (2.24m) Single doorway 0.77m (w) x sides 1.55m (h) x centre 1.92m. 2 x 18cm steps up to double doorway, 18cm sill to single doorway. Maximum capacity of 50.

Wedding Ceremonies and Civil Partnerships

Yes - Wedding licence held in three rooms within the Court House.

Site Plan


Power facilities on site for hirers

Yes – 2 x 32amp single phase in the grounds. 2 x 30amp ring main in the Court

Water facilities on site for hirers

Yes – mains water supply available from each of the accessible male / female toilets (hot & cold) and also available to the courtyard and the car park (both cold feeds only and both suitable for drinking)

Ground Pegs allowed?

Yes – up to a depth of 4 inches - 110mm

Any restricted areas?