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11 Dec 2020

Cadw has today launched its new 15-Minute Heritage initiative which invites people all over Wales to explore the heritage on their doorsteps.

The project aims to inspire everyone to explore within a 15-minute walk of where they live, discovering the local history, architecture and stories that are easily accessible from their own homes. Discovering these connections to the past help connect us through a sense of shared history within our communities today.

Exploring the history of your local community can reveal fascinating stories that lie in the very fabric of the buildings and places around you, from distinctive architecture, historic buildings, graves of the famous and infamous, forgotten shipwrecks and tales of the people who once lived where you do now. 

As well as instilling a sense of shared heritage within communities across Wales, and getting outdoors to explore it is excellent for your physical and mental wellbeing.

The idea for the initiative comes from a planning concept called the 15-minute city, which is a place where everyone can meet most of their needs within just a short walk of their home.

Cadw have kick-started the project by exploring the heritage on their own doorsteps, using digital StoryMaps to plot the heritage around the new Cadw office. The first is now available on the Cadw website, with new StoryMaps being added on a regular basis.

There are also plans to create a bank of fascinating stories about localities across Wales that will inspire readers to create their own 15-minute heritage story.

Cadw have also created a package for schools that invites children to investigate their own 15-minute heritage and share their findings within their local community.

Deputy Minister for Culture, Sport and Tourism, Lord Elis-Thomas, said:

‘15-minute heritage is a brilliant concept, because it makes us realise that heritage isn’t just about big castles and sites we have to travel to visit, but it’s in the streets and green spaces that are literally on our doorsteps.

‘Throughout 2020 communities have come together to support and care for family, neighbours and friends and now Cadw is looking for new ways in which heritage can help reinforce people’s connection to their local area.’

For more information about 15-Minute Heritage, including Cadw's learning package and growing collection of StoryMaps, please visit: