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30 Aug 2022

Food and Fun is a school-based education programme that provides food and nutrition education, physical activity, enrichment sessions and healthy meals to children during the school summer holidays.

The initiative was first started in Cardiff in 2015 as a pilot and is now a fully funded Welsh Government programme administered by the Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA).

Over the last five years Cadw have been committed to offering fun activities as part of the scheme including: Lego castle sessions, prehistoric jewellery making, mask making and more recently a selection of fun ‘Mystery History’ activities ranging from discovering the Romans through archaeology to Victorian seaside adventures.

A Keystone Heritage facilitator said:

The sessions were valuable to all children involved as it gave them the opportunity to learn about their local Welsh history through object handling, craft activities, problem solving and teamwork.“

The Mystery History sessions presented opportunities for learners to work with other children and get to know people they may not have worked with before, developing communication and problem-solving skills. This was particularly evident at Prestatyn High as part of their Year 6 to 7 transition work.

High school students soon discovered the value of teamwork as they worked together to solve conundrums inspired by some iconic Cadw castles; mysteries were solved thanks to the skills and growing confidence of the learners.

Another success was the opportunity for children with additional needs to take part in creative craft activities.

The group were clearly engaged and fully committed to creating impressive Roman shields and even Welsh dragons; the children even found time and energy to help others with their creative projects.

A Keystone Heritage facilitator said:

‘It was clear from the beginning of each session that the children were excited by castles and were keen to share their own knowledge and they were all eager to visit a castle by the end of the session.”

Cadw’s Lifelong Learning team are committed to inspiring future generations through engaging and fun activities within communities.

If you would like to work with the team, please email: