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28 May 2021

With 19 of our staffed castles, abbeys and historic sites now re-opened to the public, here are 5 fantastic castles you can enjoy visiting with the family this half term.

Rhuddlan Castle

Awesome feat of engineering still towers above the River Clwyd.

This bristling statement of Edwardian intent guarded a new town surrounded by ditched defences. You can still clearly make out the medieval grid layout of the streets in modern-day Rhuddlan.

Castell Rhuddlan/Rhuddlan Castle

Denbigh Castle

Mighty fortress evokes the drama of medieval warfare.

Denbigh Castle is all about drama. Cross the drawbridge into the triple-towered gatehouse and you’ll hear the portcullis thundering down, chains rattling and the din of horses and marching soldiers.

Castell Dinbych/Denbigh Castle

Raglan Castle

Welsh fortress-palace transformed into regal residence.

The unmistakable silhouette of Raglan crowning a ridge amid glorious countryside is the grandest castle ever built by Welshmen.

Castell Rhaglan/Raglan Castle

Laugharne Castle

Mighty medieval castle, Tudor mansion and poet’s hideout.

This is the ‘brown as owls’ castle beloved of Dylan Thomas, Laugharne’s most famous resident. He wrote Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog in the castle summerhouse perched above glorious views of the Taf estuary.

Castell Talacharn / Laugharne Castle

Kidwelly Castle

Norman stronghold is a match for the greatest castles of Wales.

See Kidwelly Castle rising above the river Gwendraeth on a misty morning and prepare to be amazed. This is the medieval fortress of everyone’s dreams.

Castell Cydweli/Kidwelly Castle