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Committee recommends that the Historic Environment (Wales) Bill should proceed

After more than 5 months of careful scrutiny, the Senedd Cymru’s Legislation, Justice and Constitution Committee published its report on its initial consideration of the Historic Environment (Wales) Bill on 23 December 2022. The 139-page report — supported by more than 80 pages of evidence comprising the correspondence between the Committee and the Counsel General — makes 14 recommendations and draws 5 conclusions. The report testifies to the Committee’s thoroughgoing examination of the legislation itself and their consideration of the process of consolidation more generally. The Committee was broadly satisfied with scope of the scope of the consolidation and its correctness and clarity. Most importantly, it recommended that the Bill should proceed as a Consolidation Bill.

That recommendation will be of the first importance when the Bill is debated in the Senedd on 17 January 2023. Senedd Members will then have an opportunity to vote on whether the Bill should proceed to the Detailed Committee Consideration stage, which is scheduled to begin on 18 January. If the Bill progresses to the Detailed Committee Consideration stage, Government and non-Government amendments to the Bill may be tabled.