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Segontium Roman Fort

During September Gwynedd Archaeological Trust are busy excavating the former Ysgol Pendalar site, near Segontium Roman Fort in Caernarfon. The excavation, funded by Cadw, is working with volunteers to uncover the history of this impressive Roman site.

Sunday 22nd September (10am - 4pm) there will be an open day for the public.

Free entry, no booking required. Learn more about the excavations at the old Ysgol Pendalar site. There will be guided tours of the site, activities with Roman soldiers and an opportunity to create your own Roman mosaic.

Segontium Roman Fort is a unique and interesting site. The fort was established nearly two thousand years ago as a military base to control the land and coast conquered by the Romans. The Trust's excavation site is close to the Roman road leading from the fort gate.

A limited excavation of this site was undertaken by Mortimer Wheeler in the 1920s and it was noted that the builders of houses along Constantine Road and Vaynol Road had discovered Roman archaeology. Wheeler recorded a road, wells, ovens, pits and traces of wooden buildings that are typical of a vicus. A vicus is a type of Roman civilian settlement commonly found alongside the roads leading from forts. This would have been a street of wooden buildings where craft and trade was carried out.