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Why Maintenance Matters

There are many good reasons for undertaking regular building maintenance.

It can help you to:

  • Retain your building’s maximum value, particularly when original architectural features are still present.
  • Save money through repair, rather than replacement, of features, such as windows.
  • Prevent more serious problems, such as dry rot, and avoid the cost and disruption of major repairs.
  • Maintain the appearance of your building and contribute to a sense of pride in your community.
  • Promote sustainability by protecting your building for future generations to use and enjoy.
  • Plan and budget for more expensive maintenance works, such as external redecoration.


What is maintenance?

Maintenance simply involves regular inspections to check on the condition of your building and its surroundings, and timely repairs if faults are found. You do not need to be an expert to carry out inspections or undertake simple repairs. If more serious problems exist or if a building is large or particularly complex, you may wish to consult a qualified surveyor or architect.

Simple maintenance will not normally require consent if your building is listed, but, if more extensive repairs are necessary, you should check first with the conservation officer of your local planning authority.