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Pre-application engagement

We encourage developers to talk to us before they submit proposals to the local planning authority. Early discussion means we can advise on the information about the historic environment that needs to be provided as part of a planning application.

We encourage you to contact our Planning and Policy team to discuss a proposed development before submitting an application.  Our response time for such consultations is 21 days.

Our Planning and Policy team can be contacted at

Statutory pre-application consultation for major developments

Developers proposing major development in Wales must carry out statutory pre-application consultations.  We provide developers with pre-application advice about the likely impact of their proposals on the following historic assets:

  • scheduled monuments and their settings
  • registered historic parks and gardens and their settings
  • registered historic landscapes
  • World Heritage Sites.

We do not provide pre-application assessments of the likely impact of proposed development on listed buildings or conservation areas because these are considered by the local planning authority.

We also advise developers about the information they will have to include with their planning applications to ensure that the historic environment is fully considered.