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Heritage Partnership Agreements in Wales

Heritage partnership agreements are voluntary agreements between owners and consenting authorities for the long-term, sustainable management of listed buildings and scheduled monuments.

An agreement can cover multiple assets and grant listed building and/or scheduled monument consent for an agreed programme of works to be carried out over an extended period of time. This will eliminate the need for repeated consent applications for similar works, saving time and resources for all parties.  

The guidance, Heritage Partnership Agreements in Wales, sets out the statutory elements required in an agreement and identifies best practice to promote consistency in the implementation of works as well as regular monitoring and review. The guidance includes a template to provide a framework for new agreements.  

The guidance is aimed at owners who are considering a heritage partnership agreement and local planning authorities who may act as a consenting authority in a listed building heritage partnership agreement.

Cadw, acting on behalf of the Welsh Ministers, will act as the consenting authority for all scheduled monument heritage partnership agreements and any listed building heritage partnership agreements for buildings owned by local authorities.

Heritage partnership agreements are in effect in Wales from 1 January 2022.