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Cadw's ambitious project transforms the Caernarfon Castle visitor experience.

The majestic King's Gate has benefited from a £5 million investment to install a rooftop deck, floors in its towers and a lift to allow visitors to reach parts of the gatehouse that have been inaccessible for centuries.

Follow our timeline of developments from securing planning permission in 2020 to the reopening of the King’s Gate in April 2023.

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July 2023

Project timelapse video

Experience the scale of the redevelopment of the King’s Gate through our project footage.

April 2023

NOW OPEN: areas of Caernarfon Castle that have not been accessed for centuries — thanks to £5m investment

Following three years of work, the enhancement project at the main gateway into the castle is complete.


22 July 2022


The work on the King's Gate, once completed, will improve site accessibility allowing wheelchair users to reach the top of the King's Gate tower via a glass lift.

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5 November 2021


Key representatives from Cadw and the project team gathered for a topping out ceremony which celebrates the project reaching the highest point in its construction.

24 September 2021

A giant steel frame is hoisted over the battlements

July 2021

190 tonnes of scaffold is constructed around the King's Gate entrance

4 May 2021


Find out from Buttress Architects how work is progressing on our project at Caernarfon Castle…

Watch the update on Twitter

9 September 2020

Planning application submitted for Caernarfon Castle’s exciting King’s Gate redevelopment

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