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Chepstow Castle — Access Guide

Welcome to our accessibility guidance designed to help you plan your day out and provide all the information you need.

If you require further assistance please email or call our team who will be happy to help.

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Visit Chepstow Castle 

A Council-run car park is located opposite the castle (around 100 meters from the entrance): Google maps view

The path from the car park to the castle is uphill with a moderate to steep incline.

The ticket office sits just inside the main entrance to the castle, and customers are served outside. From there visitors continue up the main pathway into the castle.

There are no toilets within the monument, however free accessible public toilets with baby changing facilities are located in the car park opposite the castle, adjacent to the Tourist Information Centre.

Dogs must be kept on leads at all times and non-assistance dogs must remain on the ground floor only.

The footprint of Chepstow Castle is made up of three large open grassed baileys, plus a barbican.

A long pathway runs the entire length of the castle. The pathway is on a steady incline which gets steeper in places, particularly on the approach to the Great Tower.

There are 12 benches within the monument and one just outside of the castle.

The following areas / castle features can be accessed without encountering any steps:

  • Lower Bailey
  • East Curtain wall and towers (site of Tudor Lodgings)
  • Upper Bailey
  • Upper Barbican (via slatted wooden bridge)
  • Great Tower
  • Marshal’s Tower (ground floor only)
  • Great Hall
  • Service Passage (cobbled surface)
  • Kitchen
  • Old Doors
  • Gun Port
  • Ticket Office
  • Gift Shop

The following areas can be accessed via 1-5 steps:

  • Latrines
  • Prison
  • Marten’s Tower (ground floor only)
  • Great Hall Chamber
  • The following areas can only be accessed via staircases of 5+ steps:
  • Earl’s Chamber
  • Marten’s Tower, Lower Gatehouse Tower and adjoining wall walk
  • Middle Bailey Wall Walk and D-Shaped Tower
  • Upper Bailey Wall Walk
  • Upper Baribican Wall Walk
  • Marshal’s Tower
  • Southwest Tower and wall walk to Upper Gatehouse
  • Cellar
  • Balcony

Chepstow Castle — Ground Plan

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