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Cadw is the historic environment service for Wales, and one of our roles is to conserve the historic places in our care, which includes both prehistoric and historic monuments.

Our sites are often located at the heart of communities across Wales and are therefore ideal locations for local events.

A variety of local and small-scale community events take place at our historic sites throughout the year. They are typically small in scale, non-commercial/not-for-profit and produce minimal impact on the visitor experience.

What is a Community Event?

Community events that happen at our monuments are typically activities like choir and music recitals, religious services or one-off small-scale events that:

  • are organised externally to Cadw, by and for the community local to the monument in question
  • take place during normal site opening hours without adversely impacting the visitor experience
  • generally, are on site no more than one day, but could be a repeat/annual activity
  • are open to visitors spectating during the course of the event
  • take up minimal space
  • do not require additional staffing on Cadw’s behalf
  • do not cause damage to the historic site or its amenities
  • do not include a ticketed/commercial/fundraising aspect
  • do not pose risks to staff, visitors or event participants.

Events which do not fall within this description may need additional event infrastructure, staffing costs or extended opening hours. Events that would have a higher impact on our sites should instead be considered for Cadw Site Hire and require submission of the Cadw Site Hire application form.

Examples of community events are as follows:

  • religious services (or a special occasion)
  • local choir/musicians’ practice/recitals
  • Scouts/Guides community ceremonies
  • Remembrance Day events
  • anniversary of significant local event
  • local historical society talks/tours
  • local school projects
  • college/student projects
  • celebration of significant local figure
  • presentation of memorial gift.