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Join us for an evening of stargazing and history with Rhys Mwyn and Snowdonia National Park’s Dark Sky Officer. Learn about how the stars helped shape Welsh history and have a go at using our telescopes.

Take a tour of the night sky, viewing familiar and unfamiliar constellations of the northern hemisphere, find various deep sky objects such as the Orion Nebula.

You will be shown how to set up a telescope correctly before viewing and then photographing some of the magnificent sights in the night sky. No prior knowledge or equipment needed, but feel free to bring both!

Attendees are advised to wear warm clothes and suitable footwear and to bring a torch and a blanket. Sessions are suitable for those aged 12 and above.

Prepare to wait: Bring something to sit or lie down on. Stargazing is a waiting game, so get comfortable.

Please note this event will still go ahead if cloudy, as Rhys Mwyn will still give a talk on history and the stars.


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