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Look out for the blue symbol throughout our website — where events and opportunities have been identified as ideal for inspiring you as you complete your Arts Award.

Cadw sites have inspired many artists including Turner, Richard Wilson, Kyffin Williams and Wordsworth, to name but a few. Each of Cadw’s  properties in care have their own story. Through the centuries our historic sites have provided artists with inspiration and spaces to perform. Their very creation involving artists and crafts people from many different practices. Their very fabric is an art form. And to this day they provide spaces for artist to explore, enjoy and create. Where will you go to get creative?

Today, as an Arts Award supporter, Cadw sites offer you places to enjoy creative experiences and make your own interpretations through artistic expression. Be inspired by the work of architects, masons, carvers, painters and storytellers. Enjoy music and performances at the sites. Come and create poetry, paint and draw, take photos or create digital story-worlds. We invite you to visit us, learn about our sites and develop your own art. We look forward to seeing you and hearing about your heritage inspired work.

Need more ideas and inspiration to start you off?

  • download the Pyka_Lens app from i-store and get arty at a Cadw site today! What can you hear? What can you feel? What can you imagine? The creative digital tool focuses on these multi-sensory layers, giving you a rich and meaningful engagement and maximising your use of your senses. There’s more to our sites than what you may first notice. The app encourages you to explore our historic sites more deeply and to create unique pieces of digital art in the process. The App has been designed to be Arts Award friendly too! Are you the next Turner?
  • create your own replica castle in Lego, just Pack your Imagination
  • get ready for a time travel adventure, download our Comics and Colouring Sheets
  • enjoy and be inspired at Cadw events
  • for news on events and opportunities why not follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or download the Cadw App.

Please remember our sites are historic monuments, protected by law. Enjoy them do, but leave them as you find them for others to enjoy too, and to be as inspired by as you. Don’t commit Heritage Crime.

Arts Award

To maximise our new art based offer, through Pyka Lens app, which has been designed to align with Arts Award, an accreditation that has been promoted by Fusion, Cadw has become an Arts Award supporter . Arts Award supporters are arts and cultural organisations who offer events, activities and opportunities which help young people achieve their Arts Award. Those working with young people – schools, scouts, home educators and others, can use Arts Award to enrich the arts experiences they offer or to support young people who want to explore arts interests outside their expertise. You will though need to work with an Arts Award trained assessor to achieve the award.

As an Arts Awards supporter we feature on the Arts Award supporter site and appear on the supporter map enabling those looking for Art Award Friendly opportunities near them to find us and our offering. We may also promote specific opportunities on Arts Award voice, an online youth magazine. It not all about using Pyka app at sites, our places are just great spaces that have been built by, written about, played at and painted by a variety or artists. We also have many other offerings that give access to potential arts award participants – such as our education and community offers, and relevant events and concerts.