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Cadw sites have inspired many artists including Turner, Richard Wilson, Kyffin Williams and Wordsworth, to name but a few.

Each of Cadw’s  properties in care have their own story. Through the centuries our historic sites have provided artists with inspiration and spaces to perform. Their very creation involving artists and crafts people from many different practices. Their very fabric is an art form. And to this day they provide spaces for artist to explore, enjoy and create.

Where will you go to get creative?

Today, as an Arts Award supporter, Cadw sites offer you places to enjoy creative experiences and make your own interpretations through artistic expression. Be inspired by the work of architects, masons, carvers, painters and storytellers. 

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Enjoy music and performances at the sites. Come and create poetry, paint and draw, take photos or create digital story-worlds. We invite you to visit us, learn about our sites and develop your own art. We look forward to seeing you and hearing about your heritage inspired work.

Need more ideas and inspiration to start you off? Check our arts-crafts-and-creativity area and find activities to stimulate your creative flair…