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The Tudor Merchant's House is cared for by the National Trust and is situated in the heart of Tenby.

Visitors are invited to step back in time and discover what life was like for a successful merchant and his family in 1500, when this fine three-storey house had just been built.

Visit for the hands-on history, dress up in traditional costumes, play Tudor games and uncover the stories of the house's residents.

For Open Doors 2019, the Tudor Merchant's House is delighted to offer free entry to visitors on Sunday 22 September.

Come on a slumber adventure, as it's revealed how our predecessors would have slept. From nightly rituals to the origins of sleeping tight, the townhouse tells the story of both the merchant’s family and their servants.

Smell supper in the kitchen, head to the herb garden and help create the recipe for a good night’s sleep. For 40 winks like a merchant, visit the top floor to discover tester bed luxury and a superstitious routine!