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Here are our custodians' suggestions of things to look at and listen to when using Pyka_Lens App at sites...

Specific areas of visual interest (e.g. landmarks, interesting textures, areas of the site that are usually missed/overlooked/not the main attraction)

Twin Gatehouse  Stainless steel staircases  different types of stone.

Gillots tower and dock  views from the viewing platform  wild flowers.

Specific environmental interest (e.g. surrounding scenery, landscape, seasonal wildlife)

The river clwyd running in front of the castle  diversity of birds around the castle  views of the vale of Clwyd.

Specific areas of sonic interest (e.g. naturally occurring sounds, sounds from installations at the site, areas with interesting echoes or reverberation)

The river  birds  wind  flags/flag poles  acoustics and echoes in the castle.