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If you’ve ever found yourself struggling for something to do on a Welsh weekend, chances are you’ve probably turned to Wynne Evans for advice.

Every Friday he sources the best activities taking place across the nation and shares them with his loyal BBC Radio Wales listeners.

We caught up with acclaimed opera singer, Wynne, and asked him about the best things to do in Wales, his preferred Cadw concert venue and, of course, his favourite site.

What is your favourite site and what makes it so special to you? Castell Llansteffan. I love the way it stands out over the bay and I have lots of happy memories there.

What’s the best bit about it? The trek up the hill to the castle and then this massive expanse and views out over Carmarthen bay. It’s just glorious. I bore my children going on about it all the time!

Do you have a favourite story connected to this site?

I’d just passed my cycling proficiency test and I rode down with my brother and a friend of my parents from Carmarthen to Llansteffan. The castle welcomes you as you arrive. We had some chips and carried them along with our bikes up to the castle. It was just a magical day.

There’s more than 5,000 years of history to explore at Cadw sites. If you could travel back in time, which era in history would you choose and why? I think I’d go back to the Victorian era, but only if I could be gentry! I love the glamour of the era and I love the clothes. I also love the architecture. Last year we bought a house built in 1890 and it’s been a great project putting it back together.

You’ve performed at some great venues across the world. If you were tasked with hosting an operatic event at a Cadw site, which one would you choose and why? I think it would have to be in Chepstow Castle. It’s a little gem and it lends itself to events superbly. I sang and presented at an event there last year and the atmosphere was electric.

You’re well known for giving the people of Wales inspiration for the weekend. If you had to prepare a weekend itinerary for someone who had never been to Wales or the UK before what five things would you put down as a ‘must’?

Yikes that’s a hard one!

1. Three Cliffs Bay at the Gower with Joe’s ice cream and a Welsh cake from Swansea market.

2. Castell Llansteffan, picking up some Carmarthen ham on the way.

3. Parc cenedlaethol Eryri (Snowdonia National Park) — the drive through the park is breathtaking.

4. Wales Millennium Centre accompanied by a Clark’s pie.

5. Abergavenny Food Festival!



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