Castles lit up to raise awareness of dementia

Monday 29 February 2016

Forget-me-not flowers were projected on the walls of ancient landmarks

  • Picture of Cardiff Castle

    Cardiff Castle

  • Picture of Caernarfon Castle

    Caernarfon Castle

  • Picture of Swansea Castle

    Swansea Castle

  • Picture of Bangor University

    Bangor University

Caernarfon Castle and Swansea Castle was lit up last night to raise awareness of dementia.

The landmark buildings were two of a number across Wales to be illuminated for a Welsh Government campaign which was launched yesterday.

Bangor University's Pontio building and Cardiff Castle were also lit up.

Images of forget-me-not flowers were projected on to the ancient walls to encourage people to act now in six simple steps to reduce the risk of dementia.

These are to stay active (physically and socially), check your health regularly, try new things, say no to smoking, only drink alcohol within the recommended guidelines, if at all and to watch your weight.