Harlech Castle on Royal Mail Stamps

Wednesday 12 October 2011

Harlech Castle on Royal Mail Stamps

Royal Mail is stepping back in time for the launch of the Welsh connection in the latest set of commemorative stamps featuring some of the most iconic landmarks across the UK.

To represent the letter ‘H’, Royal Mail has included one of the most famous landmarks in Wales, Harlech Castle, a concentric structure, particularly notable for its massive gatehouse.

Val Bodden, Media Relations Manager Wales, said:
“Harlech Castle, effectively once the capital of an independent Wales between 1404 and 1409 when it was held by Owain Glyndwr, boasts impressive views over the Irish Sea. It makes for a wonderfully powerful image on a 1st Class stamp.”

The A to Z stamps kick off with icons from the letters A–L this month (issued October 13) celebrating areas across the UK that are enjoyed by millions of people, such as the Angel of the North, Blackpool Tower, Downing Street, Jodrell Bank and Lindisfarne Priory.

“Not only are these places much loved landmarks, they also reflect the variety of structures and sights which can be found across the UK,” she said.

Built by Edward I during his conquest of Wales, Harlech Castle was subject to several assaults and sieges during its period of active use as a fortification. The seven-year siege of the castle, during the Wars of the Roses, has been memorialised in the famous song "Men of Harlech".

Huw Lewis, the Minister for Housing, Regeneration and Heritage said:  “The Welsh Government is committed to conserving the historic environment of Wales and it’s wonderful to see Harlech Castle being included in this series of stamps.

“European Funding has been allocated for new improvements to the castle. Once completed, these will enable more events and activities to take place in covered spaces that will be available for the first time in almost 400 years.  A new visitor centre is also being developed. All of this will provide visitors to Harlech Castle with an even greater experience to learn about the history and heritage of the area.”

Marilyn Lewis Director of Cadw - Welsh Government's historic environment service said:  

“Harlech Castle is an inspiring monument, perched on a rocky crag overlooking the beautiful coast of north Wales. It’s a fantastic place to visit, which we want to make accessible to people of all ages. A World Heritage site, Harlech Castle is an excellent choice of monument to be celebrated on a Royal Mail stamp.”