School Children Bring Vale’s Achaeological History to Life

Wednesday 21 March 2012

Tinkinswood Burial Chamber

Tinkinswood Burial Chamber

Primary school children in the Vale of Glamorgan will help bring the hidden histories of Tinkinswood Burial Chamber to life on Thursday 22 March and Friday 30 March 2012, where they'll recreate an ancient ritual ceremony through live performance.

The Cadw funded 'Make and Break' project aims to give school pupils the chance to learn about the prehistoric practices of the Neolithic period in a fun and interactive way.

The children, aged between 10 and 11 years old from St Nicholas and Peterson-Super-Ely primary schools, began their research with a trip to the National Museum Wales to explore what life was like for Neolithic people around 6,000 years ago, before visiting the iconic site. 

Through a series of workshops at the schools and on site, the children created their own clay pots to reflect on the artefacts found at Tinkinswood, as well as learning how to make sounds like their ancestors using voices, instruments and music technology combined with music and drama in preparation for their performance.

Over 60 children will take part in the performances, which will see them seal a wish by breaking their handmade pots and adding to a heap of fragments, to recreate the historic Neolithic ritual ceremony where people deliberately broke and gave away their most treasured possessions.

Dr. Ffion Reynolds, Community Archaeologist for Cadw, said: The 'Make and Break' project has captured the imaginations of children through a hands-on approach to learning. They have a chance to learn outdoors and reflect on the notion of value in the modern world. It's great to see them so engaged in their local history while helping bring the story of this fascinating site to life for the whole community to enjoy.'

Other partners in the project include the Council for British Archaeology, Cerddora,  Archaeology and Religion and the National Museum Wales.

St Nicholas Primary School's performance takes place at 2.30pm on Thursday 22 March 2012 while Peterson-Super-Ely Primary school's performance will be at 2.30pm on Friday 30 March 2012.

For any further queries, contact Dr. Ffion Reynolds at Cadw on 01443 336042.