Cadw film celebrates Arts and Heritage focus

Friday 19 October 2012

Cadw film celebrates Arts and Heritage focus

Cadw film celebrates Arts and Heritage focus

To celebrate the launch of its Arts and Heritage Framework Cadw has produced a short film of the highlights of Cauldrons & Furnaces, one of the most experimental and innovative projects carried out by the Welsh Government's historic environment service.

Last month Huw Lewis, Minister for Housing Regeneration and Heritage launched Cadw's Arts and Heritage Framework, an innovative approach which aims to use arts and craft skills to open up, bring to life and help people reconnect with many of the intrinsic qualities and stories of Wales's historic monuments. 

Through the Arts and Heritage Framework, Cadw is developing partnerships with arts organisations and delivering high quality arts activities and events. The aim is not only to enhance the public's interpretation of Cadw sites and their stories, but also contribute to the protection and development of Wales's heritage and develop skills and employment for the wider community.

2012 saw the culmination of Cadw's first project of this kind.  Working in partnership with the Arts Council of Wales, Power of the Flame and Legacy Trust UK, the Cauldrons & Furnaces project involved a number of high profile celebrations at Wales's castles, palaces and industrial sites. The project linked the arts and heritage sectors to help bring Cadw sites alive and make them relevant for people today, as part of the Welsh Government's Cultural Olympiad celebrations.

The film about Cauldrons & Furnaces can be viewed by clicking here. The film highlights the inspiration and imaginations of the young people of Wales, who through art and music brought eight iconic Cadw sites alive during the summer months. The film also shows some of the breathtaking activity which took place creating a legacy of the young people's thoughts and understanding of the country's rich heritage. 

Cauldrons & Furnaces is an example of how Cadw hopes to work with the arts community in the future, telling extraordinary stories in extraordinary places.  The project involved over 26,000 young people, 184 artists and 200 volunteers sharing their nation's colourful history from its mythical beginnings to modern times, with over 12,000 visitors from all over the UK and the world.  

The launch of the film comes ahead of the announcement of a new Historic Environment Strategy by Huw Lewis on Tuesday 23 October, outlining the Welsh Government's vision for a well-protected and accessible historic environment.

The Arts and Heritage Framework, and specifically the Cauldrons & Furnaces project is an example of how the Strategy will be delivered, generating enjoyment, enthusiasm and pride in young people from local communities for their heritage.

Heritage sites and experiences make a significant contribution to the £4.2 billion worth of tourism spend in Wales annually, with natural attractions, castles and historic sites the top attractions visited by 72 per cent of visitors staying in Wales, providing employment for thousands across Wales directly through the heritage sector and indirectly through the tourism industry.

The Minister said: 'This project was an ambitious venture for Cadw, allowing the heritage sector to forge new links with artists in Wales, as well as enabling communities across Wales to re-connect with Cadw sites and make them more relevant to people today.

The Historic Environment Strategy aims to open up opportunities for people across Wales to understand and enjoy their heritage and to develop their identity and pride, and projects like Cauldrons & Furnaces will help to achieve this.'

Marilyn Lewis, Cadw's Director added: 'Cauldrons & Furnaces, along with some other arts and heritage initiatives, are just the start to our commitment to working with the arts to increase the appreciation, understanding and animation of the sites in our care, as well as produce opportunities for the people of Wales in terms of developing opportunities for improved skills and job prospects.'