Blinc Conwy - Cadw Monuments Seen in a 'New Light'

Thursday 01 November 2012

Blinc Conwy - Cadw Monuments Seen in a New Light

Blinc Conwy - Cadw Monuments Seen in a New Light

20,000 people descended on Conwy last weekend to watch the Blinc festival, which was supported by Cadw, the Welsh Government historic environment service.

Light projections were displayed on Conwy Castle and Plas Mawr Tudor mansion, both Cadw sites, with 70 ft. high projections transforming Conwy Castle into a screen showcasing exciting digital art.

The festival this year was dedicated to Alan Turing, the unsung founder of the computer and the man that helped to crack the German Codes in the 2nd World War. The Alan Turing Ingenuity and Intuition Exhibition formed part of the tribute, introducing art that is very rarely seen to the audience.

Highlights included the highly interactive Ludic Rooms, inspired by Alan Turing’s Game of Life - where visitors could project 100 ft high images of themselves onto buildings and utilise iPads to manipulate the castle’s walls. Sean Vicary and Steve Knight also created beautiful projections in black and white, and Curator Artists Craig Morrison and Joel Cockrill’s Neon Epitaph wowed the crowds with large lasers lighting up Conwy Castle and its surroundings.

Plas Mawr, the preserved Tudor mansion, was used as a surface for a kaleidoscope of images, and poets Elizabeth Ashworth and Menna Elfyn and sound artist Jobina Tinnemans created the perfect accompaniment to Intense Colour Movement by Craig Morrison and Joel Cockrill.

Lucy O’Donnell, Assistant Director of Public Engagement and Governance, Cadw, said; ‘The Blinc show displayed our monuments in a very different light, and was very impressive and engaging for visitors.  

We’re pleased to have supported this innovative and exciting event, and hope to see it continue to grow from strength to strength in future.’

Craig Morrison, Co – Curator Blinc added; ‘Over 50 artists took part in this years festival showcasing a very diverse range of ideas and expression.The whole atmosphere was exciting and jubilant and we are thrilled that so many people braved the weather to take part. By dedicating the festival to Alan Turing we also hope that we have managed to highlight his importance in this his centenary year.’