All-Wales Heritage Interpretation Plan Launched

Tuesday 04 December 2012

All-Wales Heritage Interpretation Plan Launched

All-Wales Heritage Interpretation Plan Launched

Housing, Regeneration and Heritage Minister Huw Lewis today launched the All-Wales Heritage interpretation plan at the Dehongli Cymru / Interpret Wales conference in Cyfarthfa Castle. The plan aims to ensure that stories about Welsh heritage are told well and in ways which are engaging and stimulating and to make meaningful connections between heritage sites so visitors are encouraged to stay longer and visit more sites across the country.

The Minister also announced proposals to develop a Festival of Welsh History for 2015. The festival, which will take place at numerous locations across Wales over a two or three week period, will provide an opportunity for heritage bodies across Wales to celebrate and showcase our history for Welsh residents and visitors.

The action plan forms part of the Historic Environment Strategy which was launched by the Minister last month and which aims to promote the public’s understanding and enjoyment of Wales’s historic environment. Plans for a pan-Wales Interpretation Plan also feature in the Programme for Government.

Launching the plan, the Minister said: 'In Wales we love stories and especially those which bind us to our land and its history. We also understand the power of heritage to deliver important, tangible benefits for Wales. It is quite natural therefore for Wales to be the first country, in Europe at least, to have a national heritage interpretation plan and I am delighted to be able to launch the plan at Cyfarthfa Castle, a prime example of the heritage assets we have in Wales that have a great story to tell.

'We have great expertise within the industry and this plan provides the structure and support to maximise the knowledge we possess to enable the many compelling authentic stories about our past to be presented to our visitors, to encourage them to explore, understand and care about their heritage.

'If we can involve Welsh people in the stories embedded in and illustrated by our historic environment – and in ways which are meaningful to people now – our people will feel more connected with where they live, their country, their environment.  And if we can capture the essence of those stories we can use it to promote Wales as a truly unique destination for visitors and so develop our tourism economy.'

More information about pan-Wales interpretation can be found here: