Concern for Wildlife at Caerphilly Castle

Tuesday 16 April 2013

Unregulated angling practices are reported to be taking place in the moat surrounding Caerphilly Castle, leading to a negative impact on the surrounding wildlife, including injuries to birds nesting in the area.

Concern for Wildlife at Caerphilly Castle

Concern for Wildlife at Caerphilly Castle

Numerous incidents concerning injured swans have been reported over the past 12 months by Swan Rescue South Wales, including frequent reports of fishing lines being swallowed or caught in the beaks, or wrapped around the legs or wings of swans, cygnets, geese and ducks.

Cadw is asking visitors and the local community to act responsibly and look after the local wildlife.

Tony Payne, Head of Custodian at Caerphilly Castle commented, ‘We are urging all anglers to purchase an angling permit through the Caerphilly Angling Association at Tony’s Tackle Shop in Castle Street, opposite the castle, and to ensure they dispose of their fishing line, hooks and weights in a responsible way. 

We’re asking everyone to help us look after this great historic landmark, the habitat around it and the wildlife which has made its home there.'

Peter Martin from Swan Rescue South Wales added, ‘Rescues of swans, geese and ducks in and around Caerphilly Castle are never simple or straightforward because of the steep and often slippery banks. Additionally, much of the shoreline is inaccessible. Failure to catch a distressed bird results inevitably in impaired mobility or a drastically reduced ability to feed. The effects of this are in any case traumatic, but in the worst situation leads to a lingering death.

It is therefore essential that the correct angling practices are followed, to ensure the safety of the wildlife.’

John Phillips, Secretary for the Caerphilly Angling Association said, ‘We encourage our members to act responsibly, and often participate in activities such as litter picking to ensure this spectacular site is kept at its best for visitors and for wildlife.

We have written to all 200+ of our members to advise them of the problem, as we realise what a special site this is. However although most people do follow regulated angling practices, unfortunately we have very little control over the small minority who act irresponsibly. We cannot control those who purchase day permits, or those who are fishing illegally – who are probably responsible for causing the problems.

We urge all anglers to follow the regulations and expected standards, to ensure we can all enjoy this magnificent castle.’

Caerphilly Castle is one of 128 monuments cared for by Cadw, the Welsh government’s historic environment service.

Swan Rescue South Wales can be contacted on 01633 895241 (Ellen), or 07802 472788 (Peter). Caerphilly Angling Association can be contacted on 07802 591054. To contact Cadw please call 01443 336000 or email