Birds of Prey Take Flight at Conwy Castle

Wednesday 24 April 2013

Visitors flocking to Conwy Castle will be in for a treat over the next six weeks as birds of prey including Harris hawks, a European eagle owl, a Peregrine falcon and others will take flight within the castle walls.

Birds of Prey Take Flight at Conwy Castle

Birds of Prey Take Flight at Conwy Castle

The Coastal Hawks Project will be taking place at the monument from 22 April – 31 May 2013, where visitors and the local community will be invited to spot the different species of birds whilst they fly around the castle grounds, as well as learn about the life of a falconer.

Conwy Castle is one of 128 historic monuments cared for by Cadw, the Welsh Government’s historic environment service. New interpretation was installed at the World Heritage site last year in an aim to engage further with audiences, and the reintroduction of the art of falconry will develop the visitor experience further. 

Seagulls and pigeons threaten the preservation of Conwy Castle. Through the Coastal Hawks Project Cadw is introducing a traditional method of deterring some of these birds.

This pilot project will offer a taste of a sight that would have been seen at the castle during its hey day 700 years ago. At the time the castle was built the falconer was a symbol of high status, and carried out a demanding job.

Neal O’Leary, Cadw’s Head of Conservation said, ‘Conwy is the first monument to trial this pilot scheme that will not only help us conserve this magnificent World Heritage site, but will also provide visitors with a spectacular sight and an insight into real life at the castle.

We’re using a medieval method to solve a modern issue, and if this trial is a success Cadw will roll this out across more of its monument facing similar problems with pests.’

The Coastal Hawks Project will take place at Conwy Castle from 9.30am – 3pm, four days a week (dependent on weather).

For any further information please contact Roy Williams, Head Custodian at Conwy Castle on 01492 592358 or email Royston.Williams@Wales.GSI.Gov.UK.

Dates that the Coastal Hawks Project will be at Conwy Castle:

Week 1 
• Monday 22 April
• Tuesday 23 April
• Thursday 25 April
• Saturday 27 April

Week 2 
• Monday 29 April
• Tuesday 30 April
• Wednesday 1 May
• Thursday 2 May

Week 3 
• Monday 6 May
• Tuesday 7 May
• Wednesday 8 May
• Thursday 9 May

Week 4 
• Monday 13 May
• Tuesday 14 May
• Thursday 16 May
• Friday 17 May

Week 5 
• Monday 20 May
• Tuesday 21 May
• Friday 24 May
• Saturday 25 May

Week 6 
• Tuesday 28 May
• Wednesday 29 May
• Thursday 30 May
• Friday 31 May