Minister Launches Vision for Historic Environment

Tuesday 24 January 2012

Huw Lewis AM, Minister for Housing, Regeneration and Heritage

Huw Lewis AM, Minister for Housing, Regeneration and Heritage

Establishing a register of Historic Battlefields in Wales will be among one of the priorities for the historic environment, Huw Lewis, Minister for Housing, Regeneration and Heritage announced today. [24 January 2012]

The Minister made the announcement during a statement to AMs on his vision for the historic environment at the Senedd in Cardiff Bay.  

The Minister said: 'I have asked my officials to begin the work for the registration of the first tranche of historic battlefields, including Pilleth, also known as Bryn Glas, over the next two years. This development may seem modest to some and lengthy to others. But to many this move is an acknowledgement of the lasting significance of key moments in our nation’s history – victories and defeats by Welsh heroes and demonstrations of civil protest such as the Newport Uprising. And these battlefield sites need careful research and investigation if they are to be credibly documented and protected.”

The Minister stated that the Welsh Government intended to introduce a Heritage Bill for Wales in 2014-15, which the Minister said gave us a once in a generation opportunity to develop a suite of modern day measures for our historic environment.

The Minister also announced that he would be holding consultative workshops and a Heritage Conference in the first seven months of this year to refine proposals for the Heritage Bill and Cadw’s work programme, with a view to publishing a Historic Environment Strategy in the autumn of 2012.  

During his statement, the Minister also launched a priorities document for the historic environment, which outlines 10 priorities. They include ensuring that heritage sites are accessible and enjoyable places to visit, both for visitors to Wales and for people who live in Wales, conserving the sites in state care to the best possible standard and developing new approaches to engagement by using the arts, performance and spectacle to transform the capacity of our historic environment.