Art exhibition is fitting ‘Lego-cy’ to Cadw’s Pack your Imagination campaign

Friday 12 June 2015

Andy Morris with his Lego creation of the Cadw logo

Andy Morris

Turner painted Flint castle, Dylan Thomas wrote within Laugharne Castle’s walls and Wordsworth penned a poem entitled Tintern Abbey. Cadw sites have inspired art and literature throughout the ages, and now you can visit a one-of-a-kind exhibition created from Lego®.

Cadw, the Welsh Government’s historic environment service, has teamed up with Cardiff-based Little Big Art to create unique Lego® masterpieces inspired by seven Welsh historic sites.

Andy Morris, the man behind Little Big Art, is a modern day pop artist who specialises in Lego-inspired work.

He has created the exhibition to support Cadw’s ‘Pack Your Imagination’ campaign that was launched in February with a stunning time lapse video showing Rhuddlan Castle created from 50,000 bricks by US Lego® master Bob Carney.

The campaign has seen children across Wales creating their own versions of Cadw sites using everything from building blocks and cardboard to sticks, earth and even cake.

Cadw now plans to tour the Little Big Art exhibition across four sites over the next three months.

The exhibition includes pixelated Lego® tapestries showing Castell Coch and Caernarfon Castle and forced photography that creates the illusion of Lego figures exploring Conwy Castle and Tintern Abbey.

Visitors will be able to enjoy Andy’s interpretation of the Harlech-centred Mabinogi tales through mini figures and see his huge creation of the Cadw logo made entirely from human-sized Lego pieces.

“Historic monuments from a time gone past and locations shrouded in myth and legend create the perfect environment to provoke inspiration and creativity,” Andy said.

“What better gallery setting could stimulate imagination in minds young and old?

“The aim of Little Big Art is to make modern art more fun and relatable to people - especially the younger generation. I have had great fun working on this exhibition; and I hope it shows.”

Ken Skates, Deputy Minister for Culture, Sport and Tourism added: “The aim of Cadw’s ‘Pack Your Imagination’ campaign is to make Welsh heritage more accessible to communities across the country.

“These fantastic creations will help children and their parents appreciate our unique heritage in a different way while exploring and enjoying their local Cadw sites.

Cadw’s Lego® exhibition was launched today at Caerphilly Castle and will be on display there until Sunday, July 19. It will then tour Wales during the summer holidays stopping off at Tintern Abbey, Caernarfon Castle and Beaumaris Castle.