Castles and Princes – Stories Revealed

Monday 27 October 2014

Welsh warriors, magical lands and ancient seats of power in south west Wales are some of the stories that have been brought to life as a result of the Heritage Tourism Project.

  • Picture of children from Teilo Sant CP School at the launch of the Castles and Princes project

    Children from Teilo Sant CP School at the launch of the Castles and Princes project

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  • Picture of the interpretation map at Pembroke Castle

    Interpretation map at Pembroke Castle

  • Picture of children using the interpretation panel at Carmarthen Castle

    Children using the interpretation panel at Carmarthen Castle

  • Picture of Pembroke Castle

    Pembroke Castle

  • Picture of Dinefwr Castle

    Dinefwr Castle

  • Picture of a child using the interpretation panel at Carreg Cennen

    Child using the interpretation panel at Carreg Cennen

  • Picture of Swansea Castle

    Swansea Castle

  • Picture of Laugharne Castle

    Laugharne Castle

  • Picture of audio guides beiung used at Dinefwr Castle

    Audio guides at Dinefwr Castle

Visitors will be transported back in time as the ‘Castles and Princes’ project explains the story of the princes of Deuheubarth in south west Wales.  From medieval welsh warriors, magical lands and imposing castles, the legacy of these lords still dominates the landscape of this region and has left behind fascinating stories for visitors to uncover to this day.

  • Improvements made as part of this project to Dinefwr castle include the introduction of app based technology, a timeline, an information kiosk, interpretation panels and a castle trail including audio facilities.
  • Carreg Cennen Castle has two touch tables to make the precariously perched castle experience more enjoyable.
  • Carmarthen Castle has a welcome panel, touch table, floor markers, finger post, timeline and Cor-Ten figures with audio that bring a visit alive.
  • Swansea Castle has interpretation panels, a castle trail, a well marker and there have also been ground improvement works completed.
  • Pembroke Castle has a painted floor map of Wales in the centre of the castle with chess pieces, life sized figures with audio, brass rubbings and an interpretation trail with film footage.
  • A new interpretation panel has also been installed at Laugharne Castle

On launching the project at Dinefwr Castle, Ken Skates, the Deputy Minister for Culture, Sport and Tourism, said: “The Castles and Princes project is an excellent example of how our history can play a vitally important role in our economic future. Improving the experience for visitors to our historic sites and linking them together so visitors stay for longer is one of the main objectives of the Heritage Tourism Project. This benefits not only the heritage sector but the wider hospitality industry in Wales.

He added: “Integrating technology into the interpretation at the sites is also an exciting development. In an increasingly digital world, developing new ways of increasing people’s engagement with, and enjoyment of, our culture and heritage is very important so it is pleasing that wales is leading the way in this field. This is particularly important in encouraging young people to get involved in and to learn more about their own local history. I hope the new facilities will therefore encourage tourists and locals alike to visit these wonderful castles in South West Wales.”

The project programme to refresh the great visitor attractions is part of Cadw’s £19million Heritage Tourism Project which is funded by the European Regional Development Fund and the Welsh Government’s Targeted Match Funding.  The Welsh Government has provided £365,000 funding through Regeneration Funding, Targeted Match Funding and Cadw and ERDF has provided £361,000.

Carmarthenshire council executive board member for regeneration and leisure, Cllr Meryl Gravell, said the Castles and Princes project was a tremendous partnership between the City and County of Swansea-Swansea Castle; Carreg Cennen Castle and Farm; Pembroke Castle Trust-Pembroke Castle; the National Trust and Cadw with Dinefwr Castle  and Laugharne Town Council with support from Welsh Government and Cadw.

She said: “This funding has enabled technological make-overs of each of the locations that brings alive the experience of visiting the castles. Castles are always popular with visitors and locals. These sensible and sensitive enhancements will help enliven these glorious monuments giving the visitor an entirely new perspective irrespective of how many times they may have been visitors before. The project will also help open Wales’s outstanding heritage to a wider audience by making it more enjoyable both for visitors and for people who live in Wales.”