Free access for foster families to Cadw sites

Thursday 22 May 2014

John Griffiths, Minister for Culture and Sport, launched a national scheme today (May 22nd) to provide free access to Cadw sites for foster families.

Picture of a family visiting Castell Coch

A family visiting Castell Coch

This scheme will allow foster carers and families who join through their local authority or independent fostering agency free access to all Cadw’s monuments in Wales.

It is one of the first schemes involving a partnership in Wales between the Welsh Government and national charity that benefits every foster family in Wales.

Working in partnership for over five years, Action for Children and Cadw have been looking to increase the accessibility of local and national monuments across Wales for young people in care. The project has been created and developed by Jason Hughes, Action for Children's Acting Child Placement Manager for Wales and Northern Ireland, and Adrienne Wood, Cadw's Lifelong Learning Manager.

John Griffiths, Minister for Culture and Sport, said; “I am delighted to be able to launch this scheme to provide free access to Cadw’s monuments and buildings across Wales. Widening access to our heritage and culture is one of the key Programme for Government indicators and this is a vital step in achieving that”.

He added: “This scheme will enrich and benefit the lives of many foster families in Wales and will further encourage greater engagement, particularly from young people, with the heritage sites that are woven into the fabric of the environment all around us in Wales”.

Jason Hughes, Action for Children's Acting Child Placement Manager for Wales and Northern Ireland, said: "We are extremely proud to be working with Cadw to make a difference in the lives of so many foster families throughout Wales. We are helping some of the most marginalised young people understand the events that have happened in their past, so they can make sense of their future.”

He added; “Foster carers and their agencies will be encouraged to use local monuments to help foster children understand their local and national heritage and culture while being able to use some of the most stunning locations in Wales to relax, undertake therapeutic work, hold events and have fun."

Fostering agencies not already signed to the scheme can contact Action for Children fostering Wales on 01633720422 to request further information on how to obtain passes for their foster families.