It’s ok to get emotional at Caernarfon Castle!

Thursday 25 September 2014

Group of people at Caernarfon Castle

Group of people at Caernarfon Castle

Following their visit, participants were asked to identify key common responses and their triggers along with potential solutions for any negative emotions experienced throughout their visit.

Cadw, is now using the findings of the exercise to influence new interpretation planned for Caernarfon Castle in April 2015.

“The results are very useful for us as they help us identify any gaps in the visitor experience,” said David Penberthy, Head of Interpretation at Cadw.

“One finding that became very clear was that we need to create experiences for visitors depending on the time they have to spend at Caernarfon.

“The castle is a very popular location for tourists on drop-in visits from cruise liners so there needs to be an enjoyable snapshot experience along with a longer, more intriguing option for those who want to make a day out of their visit to the Castle, the town, the waterfront and the wider historic environment.

“Emotional mapping brings in that crucial element of feedback straight from the visitor and all concepts and ideas are currently being discussed and developed.”

Ken Skates, Deputy Minister for Culture, Sport and Tourism, added: “It is important to always look at new ways to improve the experience for the two and a half million visitors that explore Cadw sites every year.

“Even though Caernarfon Castle was recently named as one of the most popular paid for attractions in Wales, we don’t want to rest on our laurels.

“The popularity of Caernarfon makes it the perfect site to trial this exciting new technique to see what improvements can enhance it further.

“This is a great example of Cadw working with visitors, and the local community, to improve the experience for tourists in the future and I look forward to seeing the results in 2015.”