Opportunity for families to tell the ‘Story of Segontium’

Monday 14 July 2014

Saturday 19 July is an important date in Segontium’s calendar as Manon Awst, the artist in residence launches her residency with a family event as part of the (Another) Festival, Caernarfon.

Manon Awst at Segontium Roman Fort

Manon Awst at Segontium Roman Fort

Manon has been appointed by Cadw, the Welsh Government’s historic environment service, and the Arts Council for Wales as an artist in residence at Segontium Fort, Caernarfon until December 2014.

“So what’s new and can be interesting about a pattern of stone wall remains amidst a flat area of mown grass?” many people may say. “We‘re familiar with this site beside Lôn Peblig and know that Romans used to be there” .... but if these wall remains were able to speak what would be their story? This is the secret that artist Manon Awst is exploring and trying to reveal during her 6 months at Segontium and local residents are welcome to help her. Manon has devised a series of exciting events for the summer months so that they can explore the remains of the old Roman fort through art and to tell The Story of Segontium with her.

The first opportunity for people to delve under the surface of this old mythological fort is to watch and participate in a performance for families on the theme of remains by Manon at 12 pm Saturday 19 July. The old fort is a unique stage and an ideal location for an open air event, with the Eifl and Nantlle mountains in the background. Participants will also be able to see the exceedingly colourful banners prepared by the pupils of Ysgol Hendre in a recent workshop with Manon, breathing life to this historic fort.

Following this, the community group Cofis Mawr will be doing an outdoor performance at Segontium at the end of their week long art activity ‘Have your say Marathon’ on Saturday 25 July at 6pm – everyone is welcome to attend.

The next opportunity is for artists from in and around the town to present and discuss their work in a Pecka Kucha evening Thursday 14 August  from 6 o clock onwards at Segontium centre and then the doors will be thrown open to everyone and particularly to young people to participate in a workshop ‘Walls and Graffiti’ on Saturday 23 August between 10 – 4 o clock.

Manon is delighted to be leading this exciting and innovative project in her home town of Caernarfon, and is particularly looking forward to working and engaging with local residents and community groups to learn about their impressions of and attitudes towards this important historic site, which happens to be on their doorstep. She will be capturing and presenting work from these workshops and her work beyond these online through her twitter account, twitter.com/SegontiumArt, and blog, www.segontium.tumblr.com.

Manon is the second artist to be appointed as part of a three-year programme developed and funded by Cadw and the Arts Council for Wales. Lucy Harvey was the first artist appointed as part of the project in March 2013, who carried out a six-month residency at Valle Crucis Abbey, Llangollen, north-east Wales. An exhibition of Lucy’s work is now on display at the abbey.