The Romans reconstructed in Cadw’s latest CGI project

Wednesday 06 August 2014

Cadw, the Welsh Government’s historic environment service, has used CGI technology to reconstruct the once impressive Segontium Roman Fort in Caernarfon.


Cadw has released the video as a follow up to a project that saw missing sections of Caerphilly Castle rise from the ground.

The Segontium video, now available on Cadw’s YouTube channel, gives viewers an idea of the scale of the Roman Fort and shows how it would look in Caernarfon today.

The video starts at sea and shows the imposing fort in all its glory when the Romans originally settled in Caernarfon, around 70 AD. The viewer is then taken for a closer look at the huge site using 3D Roman model characters for scale.

At the end of the video modern-day Caernarfon town emerges around the fort to demonstrate the sheer size of the fort in its prime - the site’s original walls are four times the size of the town’s famous castle

John Griffiths, Minister for Natural Resources, Culture and Sport, said: “Wales’s historic environment gives character to our communities and strengthens a sense of belonging and identity.

“Using the latest technology to rebuild a site like the Segontium Fort is a great way of reminding us of the incredible history on our doorstep. It is difficult to imagine the sheer size and scale of the Roman Fort in modern day, but this video will help visitors and locals visualise it.

“We hope this video will encourage the people of Wales to visit Segontium and stand on the site where this fort once dominated the landscape and inspire them to explore more of our fascinating historic sites.”

To complete the project a team of CGI designers worked with experts at Cadw using detailed floor plans, aerial footage, artists’ impressions and mapping information from the land registry office.

The Segontium Fort video is the second in a series of CGI projects to be revealed by Cadw this summer as part of its ‘Time Traveller’ campaign, which aims to inspire people across Wales to engage in their local history.

The campaign has also seen the release of a series of videos filmed by Welsh comedians Chris Corcoran and Elis James and a YouTube playlist called ‘Castles from the Clouds’, which shows off ten historic Welsh sites from the air.