Journey through Welsh history with new high-tech travel map

Monday 12 October 2015

Visitors to Wales will be able to experience Welsh history like never before this autumn thanks to the Wales History Map

Picture of Talley Abbey - one of over 50 historic sites featured on the Wales History Map

Talley Abbey - one of over 50 historic sites featured on the Wales History Map

For the first time history enthusiasts will be able to explore sites all over Wales based on their favourite period in Welsh history – from the legacy of the Princes of Gwynedd to the story of Owain Glyndŵr.

Created as part of an Escape to Wales autumn campaign, the Wales History Map is an interactive online resource which allows users to pinpoint over fifty of Wales’s best historic sites, owned or cared for by various partners from within the heritage sector, by separating them into 12 different themes of Welsh history.

The Escape to Wales campaign aims to attract keen walkers and cultural explorers to all Welsh historic sites during the shoulder season.

In addition to the map, a series of audio guides have been released telling the stories of four of Wales’s best loved ‘heroes and heroines’. From Branwen ferch Llŷr to Gwenllian, and Llywelyn the Great to Sidney Gilchrist Thomas, the audio guides each link to a specific theme on the Wales History Map, and can be downloaded and listened to while exploring sites.

And to help visitors get in the mood for historic adventures, the Welsh Government has collaborated with Trac Cymru (Music Traditions Wales) to create the Ultimate Welsh Road Trip Soundtrack.

Featuring songs from the likes of Welsh songstress Duffy and award-winning folk group 9Bach, the soundtrack, available on the Cadw website, includes a playlist of songs by Welsh artists to complement the historic themes.

The Wales History Map is the latest product of the Welsh Government’s Pan-Wales Interpretation Plan, which aims to bring Wales’s heritage to life for locals and visitors to explore and enjoy, while maximising the economic value of heritage tourism.

Around 42 million British tourism visits were made to destinations in Wales during the first six months of 2015, and it is hoped that the new online resource will inspire more to visit heritage sites across Wales during 2015 and 2016.

Ken Skates AM, Deputy Minister for Culture, Sport and Tourism, said: “We’re always looking for new and innovative ways of making Wales’s heritage more accessible and engaging for visitors, and the Wales History Map succeeds in doing that.

“By working closely with heritage partners, sites from across Wales have been linked together based on common themes. This encourages visitors to learn about the fascinating stories which make up Wales’s history, and visit sites associated with the stories – regardless of who owns or cares for them.

“Working with partners on a pan-Wales approach significantly improves the visitor experience, with tourists and locals given the opportunity to learn and engage with characters and stories from Wales’s past in a coherent and consistent way. The additional resources such as audio guides and soundtrack will also add to the overall experience, and will hopefully attract more visitors to Welsh heritage sites during the autumn.”

For more information about the Wales History Map, audio guides and the Welsh road trip soundtrack, visit our Wales History Map page.