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1. Advice to Inform Post-war Listing in Wales

This study has been carried out to achieve a deeper understanding of the buildings of Wales across the post-war period from 1945 to 1985. It identifies significant themes in the architectural development of a range of building types that made a strong contribution to the architectural character of Wales during this period.

Much architecture of the period still looks contemporary, but the earliest buildings are now over 70 years old. Some important examples have already been demolished, whilst others have been subject to changes that have altered their significance. During the listing resurvey of Wales, which was completed in 2005, buildings from this period were generally not considered for listing unless they were more than 30 years old, of exceptional importance and under threat There is now a greater appreciation of the architectural and historical value of the buildings of this period and their important contribution to the character of Welsh communities. This research aims to provide an authoritative basis for future listing activity.