Spice Time Credit Network

Spice Time Credits are a time-based currency that supports the building of communities. For every hour a member volunteers in their community, they earn one Time Credit. These Time Credits can be used to access events, activities and services in the local community and across a network of partners, who provide cultural, arts, leisure, sporting, training opportunities and more. See http://www.justaddspice.org/our-work/where-we-work for regional brochures and partner offerings.

The Time Credits system is developed in partnership with a host organisation, for example a local council, school, health and social care organisation that is the central bank of the system. Spice then provides support for the organisation to integrate Time Credits with their own services and the work of local organisations. Spice runs 36 currencies across the UK, with 24,000 people, mainly from the most disadvantaged communities giving to their local schools, community centres, health and social care organisations and environmental projects. 20 of these are in Wales.  Each programme has its own bespoke note, reflecting the local identity of the programme. The back of every note is the same so that individuals are able to spend their Time Credits across Spice’s national network of partners.

For more information on how to join a Spice Time Credit Scheme as a volunteer or partner, visit www.justaddspice.org or Partnering with Spice.

The Spice Credit Model: