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Castell Biwmares/Beaumaris Castle
Beaumaris Castle
Fortress of near-perfect symmetry is an unfinished masterpiece
Gwaith Haearn Blaenavon/Blaenavon Ironworks
Blaenavon Ironworks
Giant of the industrial age still stands tall on the shoulders of its workers
Baddonau Rhufeinig Caerllion/Caerleon Roman Baths
Caerleon Roman Fortress and Baths
The luxury and bloodshed of life in a Roman fortress
Castell Caernarfon/Caernarfon Castle
Caernarfon Castle
After all these years Caernarfon’s immense strength remains undimmed.
Castell Caerffili/Caerphilly Castle
Caerphilly Castle
Fear of a Welsh prince inspired the mightiest medieval castle in Wales
Castell Coch
Castell Coch
Fairytale castle was a plaything for the rich and powerful
Castell Cas-gwent/Chepstow Castle
Chepstow Castle
The stones of this magnificent clifftop fortress trace 600 years of history
Castell Cilgerran/Cilgerran Castle
Cilgerran Castle
Spectacular castle that wasn’t quite as secure as the Normans hoped
Castell Conwy/Conwy Castle
Conwy Castle
Magnificent medieval fortress still towers over town after 700 years
Castell Cricieth/Criccieth Castle
Criccieth Castle
Spectacular coastal castle built – and destroyed – by powerful Welsh princes
Castell Dinbych/Denbigh Castle
Denbigh Castle
Mighty fortress evokes the drama of medieval warfare
Castell Dolwyddelan/Dolwyddelan Castle
Dolwyddelan Castle
Commanding Welsh stronghold in spectacular mountain setting
Castell Harlech/Harlech Castle
Harlech Castle
None of Edward I’s mighty coastal fortresses has a more spectacular setting
Castell Cydweli/Kidwelly Castle
Kidwelly Castle
Norman stronghold is a match for the greatest castles of Wales
Castell Talacharn / Laugharne Castle
Laugharne Castle
Mighty medieval castle, Tudor mansion and poet’s hideout
 Amgueddfa Cerrig Margam/Margam Stones Museum
Margam Stones Museum
Magnificent carved stones reach back to the dawn of Christianity in Wales
Castell Oxwich/Oxwich Castle
Oxwich Castle
A castle in name only but hugely impressive
Picture of Plas Mawr from the outside
Plas Mawr
Britain’s finest town house of the golden Elizabethan age
Castell Rhaglan/Raglan Castle
Raglan Castle
Welsh fortress-palace transformed into regal residence
Castell Rhuddlan/Rhuddlan Castle
Rhuddlan Castle
Awesome feat of engineering still towers above the River Clwyd
Capel y Rug/Rug Chapel
Rug Chapel
Extravagant private chapel of an arch Royalist who clung to the old ways
Llys yr Esgob Tyddewi/St Davids Bishop's Palace
St Davids Bishop's Palace
Magnificent medieval palace that rivalled its cathedral for glory
Abaty Ystrad Fflur/Strata Florida Abbey
Strata Florida Abbey
Grand medieval abbey where generations of Welsh princes are buried
Abaty Tyndyrn/Tintern Abbey
Tintern Abbey
Gothic masterpiece became a Romantic symbol of the sublime
 Llys a Chastell Tretŵr/Tretower Court and Castle
Tretower Court and Castle
Two-in-one architectural wonder spans 900 years of history
Abaty Glyn y Groes/Valle Crucis Abbey
Valle Crucis Abbey
Majestic medieval abbey was legendary for its lavish feasts
Castell Weble/Weobley Castle
Weobley Castle
High-society home with its very own watchtower
Castell Carreg Cennen/Carreg Cennen Castle
Carreg Cennen
Iconic ruin offers an unforgettably romantic experience
Siambr Gladdu Barclodiad y Gawres/Barclodiad y Gawres Burial Chamber
Barclodiad y Gawres Burial Chamber
An atmospheric tomb with rare examples of prehistoric art
Abaty Dinas Basing/Basingwerk Abbey
Basingwerk Abbey
A medieval religious centre that’s still a place of pilgrimage
Siambr Gladdu Bodowyr/Bodowyr Burial Chamber
Bodowyr Burial Chamber
Neolithic standing stones still shrouded in mystery
 Caer Rufeinig Aberhonddu/Brecon Gaer Roman Fort
Brecon Gaer Roman Fort
Rural remains of a major military outpost
Castell Bronllys/Bronllys Castle
Bronllys Castle
Sturdy stone tower with a turbulent history
Siambr Gladdu Bryn Celli Ddu/Bryn Celli Ddu Burial Chamber
Bryn Celli Ddu Burial Chamber
Iconic Neolithic tomb with a celestial secret
 Adeiladau Mwynglawdd Plwm Bryntail/Bryntail Lead Mine Buildings
Bryntail Lead Mine Buildings
Peaceful remains of a busy industrial hub
Cae'r Gors
Cae'r Gors
Childhood home of a literary heroine and showcase for a unique industrial landscape
 Caer Rufeinig Fach Caergybi/Caer Gybi Roman Fortlet
Caer Gybi Roman Fortlet
Northern military outpost in a strategic coastal location
Caer Lêb
Caer Lêb
Prehistoric settlement with Roman and medieval connections
Caer y Twr
Caer y Twr
Iron Age settlement in a spectacular mountaintop location
 Amffitheatr Caerllion/Caerleon Amphitheatre
Caerleon Amphitheatre
Blood-soaked Roman entertainment meets Arthurian myth
Tref Rufeinig Caer-went/Caerwent Roman Town
Caerwent Roman Town
A glimpse into a Romanised market town
Siambr Gladdu Capel Garmon/Capel Garmon Burial Chamber
Capel Garmon Burial Chamber
Neolithic burial chamber in an unexplained location
Capel Llugwy/Capel Lligwy
Capel Lligwy
Possibly all that’s left of a vanished community
 Croes Caeriw/Carew Cross
Carew Cross
Celtic art, Cadw icon
Siambr Gladdu Carreg Coetan Arthur/Carreg Coetan Arthur Burial Chamber
Carreg Coetan Arthur Burial Chamber
Neolithic tomb with links to Arthurian myth
Hen Dŷ Carswell/Carswell Medieval House
Carswell Medieval House
Through the keyhole of a modest medieval home
Castell Bryn Gwyn
Castell Bryn Gwyn
Prehistoric site with an extensive history
Castell y Bere
Castell y Bere
Architectural ingenuity and natural advantages combine in a must-visit Welsh-built fortress
 Gwersyll Bwlwarcau Cas-gwent/Chepstow Bulwarks Camp
Chepstow Bulwarks Camp
Hidden remnants of an Iron Age fort
 Mur Porthladd Cas-gwent/Chepstow Port Wall
Chepstow Port Wall
Extensive remains of medieval town walls
Castell Coety/Coity Castle
Coity Castle
Romantic ruined castle, a storyboard in stone
Muriau Tref Conwy/Conwy Town Walls
Conwy Town Walls
Walking the walls of a World Heritage Site
Abaty Cymer/Cymer Abbey
Cymer Abbey
An example of Cistercian influence in medieval Wales
 Tŷ’r Brodyr, Dinbych/Denbigh Friary
Denbigh Friary
Ruined religious settlement laid low by Henry VIII
 Muriau Tref Dinbych/Denbigh Town Walls
Denbigh Town Walls
The first line of defence for Denbigh’s medieval castle
 Dinbych, Eglwys Leicester/Denbigh, Lord Leicester's Church
Denbigh, Leicester's Church
Remains of an ill-fated Elizabethan church
Dinbych, Capel St Hilari/Denbigh, St Hilary's Chapel
Denbigh, St Hilary's Chapel
Simple town church that welcomed a celebrity congregation
 Croes Mynwent Derwen/Derwen Churchyard Cross
Derwen Churchyard Cross
Preaching cross with striking Christian carvings that has stood the test of time
Siambr Gladdu Din Dryfol/Din Dryfol Burial Chamber
Din Dryfol Burial Chamber
Burial site and time capsule from the Neolithic period
Grwp Cytiau Din Lligwy/Din Lligwy Hut Group
Din Lligwy Hut Group
Revealing late Roman settlement – but was it originally from the Iron Age?
Castell Dinefwr/Dinefwr Castle
Dinefwr Castle
Much fought-over seat of the kingdom of Deheubarth
Castell Dolbadarn/Dolbadarn Castle
Dolbadarn Castle
Welsh castle and solitary guardian of Snowdonia’s Llanberis Pass
Castell Dolforwyn/Dolforwyn Castle
Dolforwyn Castle
Ruined symbol of Welsh defiance
Castell Dryslwyn/Dryslwyn Castle
Dryslwyn Castle
Fragmentary – yet evocative – remains of a castle laid low by conflict
Siambr Gladdu Dyffryn Ardudwy/Dyffryn Ardudwy Burial Chamber
Dyffryn Ardudwy Burial Chamber
Neighbouring tombs built several generations apart
 Ffwrnais Ddyfi/Dyfi Furnace
Dyfi Furnace
Perfectly-preserved example of Welsh industrial heritage in a sublime rural setting
 Colofn Eliseg/Eliseg's Pillar
Eliseg's Pillar
Unpicking the mysteries of this early Christian cross
Priordy Ewenni/Ewenny Priory
Ewenny Priory
An unusually warlike religious settlement
Castell Ewlo/Ewloe Castle
Ewloe Castle
Native-built castle in an unconventional forest setting
Castell y Fflint/Flint Castle
Flint Castle
The earliest and most unusual of Wales’s English-built castles
Castell Grysmwnt/Grosmont Castle
Grosmont Castle
Big on the border
 Capel Gwydir Uchaf/Gwydir Uchaf Chapel
Gwydir Uchaf Chapel
Look upwards to lift the spirits
 Neuadd Ganoloesol Hafoty/Hafoty Medieval House
Hafoty Medieval House
From timber to stone
 Priordy Hwlffordd/Haverfordwest Priory
Haverfordwest Priory
Religious men with green fingers
 Safle Ffosedig Hen Gwrt/Hen Gwrt Moated Site
Hen Gwrt Moated Site
A well-preserved moat protecting a vanished manor
 Bwthyn Treftadaeth/Heritage Cottage
Heritage Cottage
A terraced time capsule
 Grŵp Cytiau Mynydd Twr/Holyhead Mountain Hut Group
Holyhead Mountain Hut Circles
A farming community from the past
 Llys yr Esgob Llandyfái/Lamphey Bishop's Palace
Lamphey Bishop's Palace
A bishop’s tipple
Hen Eglwys Plwyf Llangar/Llangar Old Parish Church
Llangar Old Parish Church
The writing’s on the wall
Castell Llansteffan/Llansteffan Castle
Llansteffan Castle
A prime piece of real estate
Priordy Llanddewi Nant Hodni/Llanthony Priory
Llanthony Priory
A timeless treasure
Castell Llawhaden/Llawhaden Castle
Llawhaden Castle
Forgotten castle-cum-mansion that stays in the memory
 Castell Cas-wis/Wiston Castle
Wiston Castle
Well-preserved motte-and-bailey with a turbulent history
Siambr Gladdu Llugwy/Lligwy Burial Chamber
Lligwy Burial Chamber
A true heavyweight
 Castell Casllwchwr/Loughor Castle
Loughor Castle
Thou shalt not cross
 Croes Maen Achwyfan/Maen Achwyfan Cross
Maen Achwyfan Cross
The art of the Vikings
 Castell Trefynwy/Monmouth Castle
Monmouth Castle
Ruined castle with a regal history
Castell Trefaldwyn/Montgomery Castle
Montgomery Castle
More than the sum of its parts
Abaty Nedd/Neath Abbey
Neath Abbey and Gatehouse
A site of power – both religious and industrial
 Y Castellnewydd, Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr/Newcastle, Bridgend
Newcastle, Bridgend
A castle built to last
 Castell Casnewydd/Newport Castle
Newport Castle
Final remains of a significant waterfront fortress
Castell Ogwr/Ogmore Castle
Ogmore Castle
Step into the past
Hen Gastell y Bewpyr/Old Beaupre Castle
Old Beaupre Castle
Medieval manor with extravagant Tudor additions and status symbols
Siambr Gladdu Parc le Breos/Parc le Breos Burial Chamber
Parc le Breos Burial Chamber
Superb example of a Neolithic chambered tomb
 Tŷ Canoloesol Penarth Fawr/Penarth Fawr Medieval House
Penarth Fawr Medieval House
Rare stone-built dwelling with impressive timbered supports
Priordy Penmon/Penmon Priory
Penmon Priory, Cross and St Seiriol’s Well
Three for the price of one at this important holy site
 Meini Hirion Penrhos Feilw/Penrhos Feilw Standing Stones
Penrhos Feilw Standing Stones
Bronze Age standing stones shrouded in mystery
Siambr Gladdu Pentre Ifan/Pentre Ifan Burial Chamber
Pentre Ifan Burial Chamber
Skeletal remains of a Neolithic tomb in haunting location
Pont Minllyn
Pont Minllyn
Picturesque hidden bridge over the River Dyfi
Capel Runston/Runston Chapel
Runston Chapel
Lonely chapel of a long-lost village
 Castell Ynysgynwraidd/Skenfrith Castle
Skenfrith Castle
Significant medieval fortress with a substantial central tower
Ffynnon Gybi/St Cybi's Well
St Cybi's Well
Hidden holy well with possible pagan origins
Abaty Llandudoch/St Dogmael's Abbey
St Dogmaels Abbey and Coach House
Century-spanning ruins of a significant religious settlement
 Siambr Gladdu Llwyneliddon/St Lythan's Burial Chamber
St Lythans Burial Chamber
Lonely Neolithic tomb with links to Arthurian legend
Capel Santes Non/St Non's Chapel
St Non's Chapel
Reputed birthplace of Wales’s patron saint in uplifting location
 Castell Sain Quentin, Llanfleiddan/St Quentin's Castle, Llanblethian
St Quentin's Castle, Llanblethian
Ruined remains of a 14th-century castle
 Capel a Ffynnon Sanctaidd Gwenffrewi/St Winefride's Chapel and Holy Well
St Winefride's Chapel and Holy Well
Still a popular place of pilgrimage
Castell Abertawe/Swansea Castle
Swansea Castle
Urban remnants of a once-mighty fortress
Abaty Talyllychau/Talley Abbey
Talley Abbey
Skeletal remains of a unique religious settlement
Siambr Gladdu Tinkinswood/Tinkinswood Burial Chamber
Tinkinswood Burial Chamber
A spectacular feat of prehistoric engineering
Maen Hir Tregwehelydd/Tregwehelydd Standing Stone
Tregwehelydd Standing Stone
Splintered remains of a Bronze Age monument
Twtil, Rhuddlan/Twthill, Rhuddlan
Twthill, Rhuddlan
Medieval mound where a long-lost castle once stood
Maen Hir Tŷ Mawr/Tŷ Mawr Standing Stone
Ty Mawr Standing Stone
Solitary, strangely shaped Bronze Age monument
Siambr Gladdu Tŷ Newydd/Tŷ Newydd Burial Chamber
Tŷ Newydd Burial Chamber
Prehistoric art and arrowheads
Y Castell Gwyn/White Castle
White Castle
The shape of things to come? An early glimpse of Edward I’s Welsh castle-building project
Colomendy Penmon/Penmon Dovecot
Penmon Dovecote
A bird box on a truly epic scale
Caer Rufeinig Segontium/Segontium Roman Fort
Segontium Roman Fort
Roman stronghold that passed into Welsh legend
Muriau Tref Caernarfon/Caernarfon Town Walls
Caernarfon Town Walls
Caernarfon’s security blanket