Timebanking UK

Timebanking UK is a national charity (Charity No: 1101204) and limited company. It is the only membership Charity in the UK that provides advice, support, training and resources to both members and the wider sector, for the creation and development of community run and led time banks where people use time as a currency and where everyone’s time is equal. There are now 39,000 people connected to time banks across the UK including 5,200 organisations. To date almost 3 million hours have been exchanged.  

Timebanking links people to share their time and skills. Everyone has something to give to help another regardless of age, ability or background. Every person is given the chance to examine and recognise the skills and abilities they have, and to share these with others if they choose. One hour of help earns one time credit to spend when it’s needed within the time bank network. And now, Timebanking UK is enabling its members to save their credit hours and once they have earned seven, convert them into a Timebanking UK Cadw Voucher to enjoy a whole day at one of our sites across Wales.  

Local time banks are run by co-ordinators who ensure the policies and procedures are adhered to with insurance policies and risk assessments. Timebanking UK prides itself of having robust mechanisms to ensure the safety of all and its software enables the recording of hours exchanged, by whom and where. This method of timebanking enables local people to feel confident about asking for help at home and the involvement of people who may be vulnerable. The building of relationships is thus paramount and the strengthening of local communities ensues.

For more information, including on how to join a time bank scheme, as a volunteer, business or individual, visit the TimeBank website.