Monsters at monuments

Epic battles, magic potions, duelling teams and mystical monsters — it’s no wonder Pokémon feel at home at Cadw sites!

Monsters at monuments

Monsters at monuments

If you’re looking to catch a Charmander, lure a Lickitung or grab a Grimer, here are Cadw’s ‘Principal PokémonGo Pointers’ to help you along your way:

Pokestops and Gyms

Most of our sites have a Pokestop for you to pick up your supplies whilst you visit one of our historical sites. Did you know that some Pokestops have a little fact about where you are? Click on the spinning blue disc and see if you can pick up some history whilst you pick up some pokeballs!

Pokestop yng Nghastell Caernarfon | Pokestop in Caernarfon Castle

We know that some epic battles have taken place at our sites with Pokémon Gyms — what team do you support? Pokémon battles are just the most recent in a long line of battles that have taken place in Wales. Did you know that the siege of Harlech Castle in the 1460’s is the longest siege in British history!

Are any of our Pokestops or Gyms out of reach? Usually your trainer will be able to reach a Pokestop without having to be right next to it. However, if anything is out of bounds or anywhere dangerous, please do let us know! 

What to bring

For a good day roaming around as you gain some kilometres to hatch your latest egg, remember to bring some water or a drink with you. We want all of our Pokémon trainers to be well hydrated!

You may also want to bring an extra battery pack for your phone or tablet with you — your phone is your very own Pokedex. Searching for Pokémon can be exhausting for it — and its battery!

Did you know that you can take in our magnificent monuments and surroundings at the same time as catching your favourite Pokémon? ‘Sleep mode’ vibrates when a Pokémon appears, so that you can put your phone upside down in your pocket whilst you enjoy Wales’s heritage.

Unfortunately, we can’t do anything about the mobile reception, and sometimes you may not be able to reach all of our Pokestops because of network. If this is the case, there are many other creatures and features to catch and snap in the mean time! Check out: 

• Grinning gargoyles in the walls (all very good friends with Graveller, of course)
• Dragons aplenty — look out for the Welsh flag (Who needs a Magmar?)
• Bugs and creepy crawlies all over our grounds (watch out for Caterpies too!)
• Eagles high above your heads (check out the Eagle Tower at Caernarfon Castle)
• Ducks, swans and other wildfowl on moats and streams (you probably have enough Pidgey anyway…)
• Statues and figurines (our very own Onixs!)

Share your Pokémon Successes!

We have had news of some very rare Pokémon at Cadw sites across Wales. Our Pokémon Professors are compiling a list, so if you do see any, let us know! 

We’d love to see your screenshots and photos, so here’s how to get in touch: Find Cadw on Facebook or follow @CadwWales on Twitter.