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Our history isn’t just about kings, queens and castles. It’s made up of millions of stories featuring all kinds of people and places.

While the historic record is populated with figures who were powerful and wealthy, they are only part of a much richer and more diverse picture. Just because a person didn’t have a castle or statue built in their honour, it doesn’t mean that their story isn’t worth telling.

Wales’ heritage is about the big and the small. There’s plenty of room to celebrate both our major national treasures and the things and places that we encounter every day. Heritage is woven into the landscape around us, telling the stories of countless generations of people who've lived, worked and played here. Wales is well-known for its mighty castles, lofty hillforts and industrial sites, but it wouldn’t be the same without its pubs, park benches, tiny miner’s cottages and secluded farms.

What’s your story?

It’s important that we know what parts of Wales’ heritage matter to you.

Like many heritage organisations, one of Cadw’s responsibilities is to decide what parts of our physical history are worth preserving. We use all the information available to us to make these judgments, but without help we might miss key pieces of evidence or fail to understand a place’s importance or significance.

Different places can matter to different people for different reasons. We want to hear from a diverse range of people and communities so we can fully understand what’s important to all the people of Wales. The country’s heritage belongs to every one of us and everybody should feel involved with it. By understanding our place in history and identifying with the people who came before us, we can better appreciate our present and future.

Get involved

Telling us what matters to you is also a great opportunity to explore and learn more about where you live. Finding out about the hidden history of your local area can be a fascinating process, giving you a fresh perspective on seemingly familiar places. It’s also an excellent way to become more involved with your community, get to know your neighbours and develop deeper connections with where you live.

Cadw’s 15-Minute Heritage project has been designed to help you explore and share the history on your doorstep. You’ll find a selection of StoryMaps on our website, which shed light on the heritage waiting to be discovered in your local area. As you delve into these fascinating stories, maybe you’ll be inspired to create your own?