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Useful and fun resources for learning at home

Use our fun activities and comics at home; read and learn about the past and perhaps create your own castle battle scene.

Some of our resources were developed to be used in an ancient monument, like a castle or Tudur house — however some parts can be used at home!

Aesop’s fables, there are 15 stories in here that can be read together at home and discussed, maybe also look at the beautiful images that are painted on the walls in Castell Coch and create your own designs.

Our education packs about the castles of Wales contain lots of fun activities you can do at home. Why not build your own castle? Perhaps create an exciting film using a free stop motion app, or take the catapult challenge!

Why not look at the heroes and heroines of Wales or the Age of the Princes and  recreate them in your own stories and pictures?

How about delving deep into the past with the Prehistoric people of Wales?

The Castell Coch and Cardiff nineteenth century timeline game has been designed to introduce pupils to the Key Stage 2 history topic of change in the nineteenth century.

The resource supports delivery of the Curriculum Cymreig by focusing on Cardiff and the Taff Valley.

The game offers pupils information about events, people, buildings and transport in the area, throughout the 1800s, which can be used to stimulate discussion of the topic for further investigation as part of a historical inquiry.

Discover wonderful stories inspired by Castell Coch.

Follow our characters on their adventures and maybe you'll be inspired to create your own stories too with this fun activity.