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A transmission has been received from the future!

From the year 3011 and from the chief historian and researcher at the Luna Library, Elora Williams.

A meteorite has struck the library and destroyed all the heritage records from the 2000s millennium.

Elora needs our help! She needs history detectives to experience and record the heritage on their doorsteps and create a time capsule for future generations to discover.

Watch our video to hear Elora ask for your help...



My name is Elora Williams, you don’t know me, but I am from the future, the year is 3011.

I am a historian and I am researching the past of the lovely country of Wales (it really is an exciting place) but, I am afraid I have a problem.

Our Luna Library was hit by a meteorite storm and didn’t survive, my task is to replace all the information!

As you can imagine this is a huge task and I want to be able to make our library much better than it was before.

Can you help me?

Can you take up the challenge?

Can you be my history detectives?

I can send you some information through the time convertor to help you.

I really would appreciate it.

Thank you ancestors, let the mission begin.


Luckily our historians at Cadw have prepared a mission pack to help you gather the evidence Elora needs to rebuild the Luna Library.

Download our History Detective Mission guide now to become a history detective today!