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Most of our sites are available for hire, and are ideal locations for corporate events, functions, meetings, concerts, theatre, festivals and re-enactment events.

The following sites are suitable for relatively large, indoor events:

All other sites are suitable for outdoor events or smaller indoor events.

Please note that some of the sites are closed over the winter, and it might not be possible to hold an event during this time. Find site opening times and contact details on our Places to visit page.

Plas Mawr

Community events

Our sites are often located at the heart of communities across Wales, and are therefore ideal locations for local events.

A community event should meet the following criteria:

  • No interference with the site
  • No ground penetration (i.e. no marquees required, or weighted marquees only)
  • No sale or provision of alcohol
  • Takes place within regular opening hours

If you’re planning a community event that fits the above criteria, please contact the custodian of the site to discuss.

Abaty Tyndyrn/Tintern Abbey

For all other events please fill in our application form and a member of our commercial team will get back to you. Please note that your form must be submitted at least 28 days before the day of your event, to give us time to consider and discuss the arrangements with you.

Charges will apply for hiring our sites for events, which can be discussed further once the application has been received and considered.

Please note that if the event is agreed you will be expected to provide a risk assessment.

Risk Assessment Matrix

You will also be required to take out Public Liability Insurance and provide a copy of the insurance certificate.

You will be sent a location agreement as part of the application process. If you would like to see a copy in advance, please email our Commercial team.

Depending on the nature of your application, we may ask you to complete a risk assessment.

Please note that a risk assessment is not needed until your application has been discussed and agreed — and may not be needed at all!

Hints and tips

If you are required to complete a risk assessment, think about the following:

1. Identify the hazards What is it about the activities, process, equipment or substances used that could injure you, your colleagues, participants or the public at the event.

2. Who might be harmed? Is the hazard more dangerous for your colleagues setting up the event, for the general public attending the event, for people with restricted mobility, for the facilitators running the event or for any others?

3. Evaluate the risks The risk rating matrix, available to download from this page, can help with evaluating the likelihood and severity of the risk.

4. Mitigate the risks Think about measures to take to decrease the risks — e.g. if you have cables running along the floor, covering the cables with mats will decrease the risk of trips and falls.

5. Re-evaluate the risks Re-evaluate the risks in light of the mitigation measures you’ve implemented. The score should come down.