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The event is taking place in Ruperra Home Farm, which once provided food for the people living in the now ruined 17th century Ruperra Castle. The castle itself is privately owned and CANNOT BE VISITED.

Viewing from the surrounding countryside and footpaths, you will get a stunning perception of the former glory of the Ruperra Estate.

The Home Farm is a working farm, lies within a short distance of the castle and is part of the designated conservation and special landscape area.

The owner of Home Farm allows parking in his farmyard. 

On arrival at the Home Farm there is a choice of -  

1) a guided walk along the original drive to the castle. To view from the footpath some of the listed buildings, and have their significance pointed out.

2) sitting on the straw bales in the barn, or outside, to watch or join in with the activities of the Marcher Stuart Living History Group. This is the first time for the groups to visit Ruperra. They will let you try your hand at craft work, archery, sword or musket warfare. 

Booking required. Attendance at the event is free, but you must book and pay beforehand if you wish to have the tea and cakes. Numbers are not restricted, so please phone 01656 741 622 or email with your name and contact number. You'll then need to pay £5 for the food: either by cheque to Pat Jones-Jenkins, Areithin, Heol Ton, Ton Kenfig, CF33 4PS, made out to Ruperra Castle Preservation Trust; or online to Ruperra Castle Preservation Trust, sort code details of how to do so will be given upon booking.

Directions - Ruperra lies between Draethen and Michaelstone - Fedw, in the county of Caerphilly. The event is taking place at Ruperra Home Farm located on the Draethen- Michaelstone Road. Post code is NP10 8GG (but this applies to many buildings in the area). Grid reference is 2235 8645. There will be direction posters from all near roads in the area . Coed Craig Ruperra lies to the north of the Castle and Home Farm. Approaching from the Michaelstone y Fedw or Draethen road from the east, the place to turn off as you approach Ruperra will be signposted with Open Doors notices. The surface of the track to the farm, once you leave the main road, is quite rough.

Access from tLisvane / Cefn Mably roads is NOT recommended, as the access for vehicles may be restricted. It is best to continue to the MaenLlywd pub and follow the signs to Draethen. 

Bus stops from Newport - Caerphilly Road and Caerphilly - Rudry Road are situated about one mile from Ruperra Home Farm. Please check Sunday timetables.