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The mayhem of the court of miracles, Quasimodo's torment and the tragedy of Esmeralda’s passionate naivety: Paul Liengaard and Company recreate the fantastic Gothic world of Notre Dame de Paris.

Staged in a traditional Circus ring, the handcrafted set built from oak, iron and canvas honours the significance of Notre Dame Cathedral as a pinnacle of medieval gothic architecture and reflects the importance of its character role while providing a platform for a narrative woven from circus and equestrian hippodrama, high trapeze, classical music, theatre and dance. The story explores issues of universal relevance; exclusion, class and the abuse of power, exposing the best and the worst of human nature while a precious and alive innocence is challenged and ultimately destroyed by fate and an archaic authority.

From 23rd to 27th July Notre Dame de Paris aka The Hunchback of Notre Dame is brought to Tintern Abbey every evening at dusk. Doors open at 8pm and the show has a running time of 2 hours broken by an interval.


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