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The present building started life in 1310, and follows the local practice of having two naves, as well as a chancel and central tower. The timber roofs, decorated with heraldry, badges and carved flowers were added during the 15th century, but the spire only in 1854. The Old Cloisters, where the clergy used to live, date from 1310, and have a vaulted undercroft. The entrance gates were made by the Davies Brothers, who also made the gates for Chirk Castle.

followed by an opportunity to visit the Ringing Room, hear an explanation of bell ringing and watch some demonstration ringing. This will take place at 1pm, 2pm and 3pm. Please note it won’t be possible for people to go higher in the tower than the Ringing Room.

The Thanksgiving Service for the restoration of the church roof and the refurbishment of the bells will be at 10.30am on Sunday 8 September, during which time visits to the church will be restricted to those wishing to attend worship. There will hopefully be bell ringing before the service for thirty minutes and maybe afterwards for about an hour too. This should allow those who’ve attended the service to visit the Ringing Room and see the ringers in action. The number of people in the Ringing room will need to be restricted to about ten at a time for safety reasons.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            The church will be open, as usual, from 10am until 4pm over the weekend. During that time people will be able to view the exhibition of the visit to Taylor’s Bell Foundry and the local primary schools’ ‘Design a Logo’ competition. The ultimate winning logo, as voted by visitors to Ruthin Craft Centre, will also be on display.

St Peter's Church, St Peter's Square, Ruthin, LL15 1AT.

The church is situated on the square in Ruthin, set back next to the post office.

There are ramps available for wheelchairs and buggies.