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Mercenary archers are encamped at the abbey with their families! Why are they there? How do they survive these troubled times?

1471. A company of archers and their families rest at the abbey in order to pay their respects to William Herbert, Earl of Pembroke. They set up camp in the grounds and continue to practise their civilian skills – such as fletching, spinning, dyeing, cooking, leather working and rush weaving and, of course, recreation in the Tavern Tent. One can even write!

Come and see their activities close up, and maybe try your hand at medieval board and dice games, or braid making. Watch the cooks prepare the company's meal, or question the arrowsmith on his skills and kills.


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Disabled and companion
Juniors (Aged 5-17) / NUS / Armed Forces and Veterans
Seniors (Aged 65+)

*Admits 2 adults and up to 3 children under 18