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Caerphilly Castle’s 13th-century owner, Gilbert de Clare, has returned to his old stomping ground in a bid to keep his mighty fortress safe from any unwanted intruders!

It is 1290 and the Earl of Gloucester is in high spirits. He has recently married the daughter of King Edward I, Joan of Acre, and is celebrating his new status as a royal son-in-law, with more land and titles given to him by the King. But all is not rosy – the King is annoyed that Gilbert has taken his beloved daughter away from court.

Gilbert will enthral visitors with fascinating stories of his trials and tribulations and seek volunteers to re-create ceremonies of court at the castle. His wife of the time, Joan of Acre, will join him each August weekend to raise a toast to their recent marriage and prepare for their first crusade to the holy land.

No booking required. Gilbert de Clare and Joan of Acre will be interacting with visitors on-site free of charge, but general site admission applies.


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