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St Mary's Church was built in 1843 in response to the growing population in the docks area of Cardiff. It has witnessed many changes, and plays its part in telling the story of the growth of Cardiff from a small town to to a capital City. Although the built environment of Cardiff continues to change, St Mary's remains a constant feature. The present day church was built to replace the Norman priory church destroyed by flood and the ravages of the English Civil War. The only thing remaining from that church is a stone corbel head in the present church

Our doors are open wide from 10am until 4 pm, and we'll be on hand to help you discover the hidden treasures and stories of St Mary's, with displays, guide sheets and guide books. Tea, coffee and cake will be available. (NB between 11am and 12 noon is Rosary, Morning Prayer and Mass. You are welcome to join us for any of these or to visit the church during this time) The main entrance to the church is at what appears to be the rear - which, in itself tells a tale - come and discover more. Car parking available.

North Church St (off Bute Street) Butetown Cardiff CF10 5HB

We are very near to Central Station and the city centre. There is a bus stop outside the church. Ten minutes walk to the Bay.