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Building work began on the Abbey in 1201. Eight centuries later and the abbey is one of the best preserved in Wales. Even the monks' fishpond is still full of water! Valle Crucis Abbey suffered a serious fire and numerous attacks but went on to earn a reputation for its appreciation of the literary arts. In 1535 it was ranked the second richest Cistercian monastery after Tintern. This new found wealth and hospitality didn't last long. Valle Crucis was duly dissolved by royal decree in 1537.

Guided tours on each day at 11am, 1pm and 3pm.

Getting there - Road: On A542 from Llangollen, approximately 2mls/3km/. Rail: 11mls/18km Wrexham, Chester - Wrexham/Shrewsbury route. Bus: 2.5mls/4km Llangollen Bridge End Hotel, route No X5 Wrexham - Llangollen.